Finding a location to call home is challenging for a digital nomad. However, once you find a place in which you want to grow roots, it can be challenging not to default to nomadic ways once you decide to switch up your career.

Enter Localstake

Localstake is for individuals looking to grow roots where they live by taking back control through business ownership. This can be done in multiple ways: local small business acquisition, startup, or growing an existing small or medium-sized business.

I am looking forward to sharing practical tools and strategies for giving you a choice to live, work, and play in the location you want. Join the community of like-minded anti-nomads looking to take control of their lives and careers by getting a Localstake in their geographic community of choice by subscribing to the Localstake newsletter. We will share the best insights into research and applications while looking for ways to gather in real life. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside. Cheers!