The Savory Swine is a full-service custom butcher shop featuring the freshest cuts of premium grade beef (including Kobe Wagyu), pork (including Duroc), lamb, veal, chicken, and seafood. In addition to meats, we offer a boutique wine collection, imported and domestic cheese selection, charcuterie service, and deli items. The Savory Swine offers a lunch sandwich menu, salads and true Italian Gelato.

When it comes to meat, there are countless different cuts. Our meat cutting team at The Savory Swine provides custom, personalized service, and can answer your questions with confidence. We believe customers shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. The Savory Swine is your custom neighborhood butcher shop.

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Lisa Abendroth, Manager

Financial Summary

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Revenue Share
Minimum Investment $1,000
Equivalent Interest Rate (/yr) 16.56%
Payback Multiple 1.425x
Payment Frequency Quarterly
Disbursement Late Fees 5.00%
Loan Collateral Unsecured
Seniority Junior
Maturity September 30, 2021
Investor Eligibility All Investors

Offering Materials

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Investment Perks

Expired 04/28/2017 | $5,000.00
Invite to a Wine Tasting and Cookout

All investors will get to join an Investor night with Beer and Wine Tastings, as well as a Burger/Brat cookout on us!


This is an overview of the previous and planned financings of the business, including the capital needs the business is looking to cover in the current financing.

Funding Uses for Target Raise ($75 k)

Build Inventory
Timing A one-time payment 3 months after investments close.
Description Working capital
Timing 6 monthly payments beginning 6 months after investments close.
Start Up/Development
Description Legal, insurance
Timing A one-time payment 1 month after investments close.

Funding Uses for Max Raise ($350 k)

In addition to target raise

Equipment Purchase
Description Equipment Purchase, financed through TI allowances/partnership investment
Timing 4 monthly payments beginning 1 month after investments close.
Description Architect, design plan, construction, covered through TI allowances/partnership investment
Timing 4 monthly payments beginning 1 month after investments close.
Description Staffing for new location
Timing 6 monthly payments beginning 3 months after investments close.

Remaining funding uses include cash buffer and Localstake Marketplace fees. See offering materials for full details.


What is the composition of your current team?

Lead Butcher and Meat Manager/Supervisor

Assistant Meat/Cutting Room Manager

2 Apprentice Meat Cutters

Service Counter & Floor Manager / Social Media

6 part time counter/customer service workers


Provide detail on your hiring plans

The new location will require a morning manager, and an evening manager. 

Weekends, days, and evenings, 7 days operation, requiring a full roster of 15 - 20 employees.

Provide us with some background on your products and services.

The Savory Swine has been operating in downtown Columbus, IN for the past five years, offering premium cuts of the freshest meats, deli sandwiches, meat and cheese boards, and a robust wine selection.  We are now looking to expand to a second location in Indianapolis. This expansion plan has developed into a joint venture with Beermiscuous, a craft beer bar and gathering place, where we will share retail space and capitalize from our combined target customer segments.

How do you sell your product or service?

All of our products are sold out of our retail locations.  The modern, clean design of our shop showcases premium cuts of the freshest red meats. High, butcher-block style tables accommodate you while you enjoy a deli sandwich, a meat and cheese board, or sip on a glass of wine, while your order is being completed. There’s also a glassed-in cutting room, where you can view the cleanliness and workmanship.

Who are your target customers?

Our target customers are selective and value quality of product and atmosphere, over cost and mainstream.  Working professionals and those who have adopted urban, modern living lifestyles.  Those who seek a unique retail experience, in a social gathering environment.  The Savory Swine will also target local businesses for lunch catering and after hour wine/beer events. 

Do you have current customers?

The Savory Swine enjoys a loyal customer base.  Located in the "front yard" of Cummins Global Headquarters in Columbus, IN, we have served not only the Cummins corporate community, but also Faurecia, Enkei, Toyota, SIHO, and many other local companies and their families.  We participate in city events and support other local restaurants and small businesses.  The new location in Indianapolis is strategically chosen next to the new Cummins Corporate Distribution building, where many loyal Swine fans have been assigned.

Who are your competitors?

The nearest competitor to the Indianapolis location would be Kincaids Meat shop, located near Butler University.  Kincaids is a traditional butcher shop, selling only meats and other grocery items.  Counter service only, they do not offer deli or wine service.

What is your competitive advantage?

The Savory Swine is the only business of its kind.  Joining together with Beermiscuous, a craft beer cafe, will truly create the most unique upscale foodie retail shop in all of downtown Indianapolis.  Enjoy a glass of wine or craft beer while socializing with friends, order a fresh house-made burger patty or premium cut steak to take home for the grill, sample imported cheeses and locally-crafted meats, or try a butcher-shop-bistro style deli sandwich.  The location at Market and New Jersey is central to the downtown living expansion that is now underway.  Nearby neighborhoods such as Lockerbie and Fountain Square also provide an accessible customer base.  Our store will also have outdoor sidewalk patio seating, and direct access to the courtyard within the Artistry building.

With the planned Whole Foods store across the way, the timing is of great advantage for The Savory Swine to attract our shared target market.



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Lisa Abendroth

Owner at The Savory Swine

Lisa has been the sole owner of The Savory Swine since she started the company 5 years ago.

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We are partnering with Beermiscuous to occupy a portion of our new location in Indianapolis. Borrowing from classic European cafes and casual American coffee shops, Beermiscuous offers a simple environment to relax and escape life’s complexities. Read a book by the fireplace. Pop your laptop open and use our free Wi-Fi to get some work done. Beermiscuous is a casual environment centered around the enjoyment of a wide variety of craft beer.

1489856830 purelymeatlogo

Purely Meat Co.

Service Provider

Partnering with the Midwest's best farmers and ranchers, Purely Meat Company sources delicious and flavorful heritage-bred, all-natural, ethically raised meats for our discerning customers.

Purely Meat Co. specializes in Prime Grade Beef, All-Natural Premium Choice Grade Beef, Japanese Wagyu, and the freshest highest quality Pork, Veal, and Lamb.

1489856830 carrolllogo

Carroll Wine & Spirits

Service Provider

Indiana Owned & Operated, Carroll Wine & Spirits provides fine wines sourced globally from quality wineries and experienced winemakers. Carroll is well versed in The Savory Swine's boutique style inventory serving our unique customer base.

1489856830 eurologo

Euro USA

Service Provider

Specialty foods importer including cheeses, cured meats, crackers, mustards, spreads, and other Foodie gourmet favorites.

Euro offers a vast product line for both specialty retail and the most discerning chefs in the industry.

About The Savory Swine

Entity Shalene Resource Ltd., LLC
Entity Type LLC
State Organized Indiana
Founded January 2009
Employees 8
Social Media


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Risks & Disclosures

Do you have any shareholder loans?


Who owns your product/service?

I am sole owner of concept in its entirety.

Do you have any employment contracts for key personnel?


Comment on and upload any information regarding previous, current, or anticipated legal proceedings or regulatory issues

No current legal proceedings, none anticipated.

Operations are regulated by the County Health dept for food service, and the ATC for wine service/sales rules enforcement.

Describe your company's organizational structure

Single Member LLC,  Lisa Abendroth

Meat Manager / Lead Operations, butcher,  Full Time Salary

Asst. Manager / butcher assistant,  Full time Salary

2 assistants to cutting room / operations,  full time, hourly

3 to 6 part timers, counter service / deli workers, depending on the season.

What are the legal and regulatory requirements in your industry?

Health Inspector reports every 6 months. Proper food storage, packaging, preparation, and service for public health safety.  Maintain sanitary conditions, including proper food storage temperatures.   No issues, clean reports.

ATC license renewals, current, no issues.

State sales tax - monthly fiings and deposits.  Current.


An investment in the Company involves a high degree of risk, and should be regarded as speculative. Prospective investors should carefully consider these investment risks, among others, in addition to the other information presented in the Offering Materials, in evaluating the Company for investment. The risks listed herein are not a complete list of potential risks facing the Company and it may encounter unexpected risks in the future, which, may adversely affect its performance.

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