Albion Malleable Brewing Company is dedicated to serving highly-refined, locally-produced craft brews to its patrons in a friendly, casual atmosphere. We are committed to raising the expectation for quality and service for our patrons. With a vision of being Albion’s brewery, local is not just geography, it is who we are. Albion Malleable Brewing Company will operate as a microbrewery and taproom serving beer produced on premise from our 7 barrel brewhouse. The taproom will operate a small kitchen producing simple, beer-friendly snacks and sandwiches, and will initially exist primarily to drive increased beer sales.

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John P Rogers, Manager

Financial Summary

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Revenue Share
Minimum Investment $1,000
Equivalent Interest Rate (/yr) 17.27%
Payback Multiple 1.5x
Payment Frequency Monthly
Disbursement Late Fees 5.00%
Loan Collateral Unsecured
Seniority Junior
Maturity August 31, 2022
Investor Eligibility All Investors

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This is an overview of the previous and planned financings of the business, including the capital needs the business is looking to cover in the current financing.

Funding Uses for Target Raise ($150 k)

Equipment Purchase
Description Purchase of Brewhouse Items: Cellar Tanks, Brewhouse
Timing A one-time payment 2 months after investments close.

Funding Uses for Max Raise ($250 k)

In addition to target raise

Equipment Purchase
Description Purchase of Brewhouse Items: Grain Handling System, Process Control System, Water System, Brewery Accessories, Steam Boiler, Glycol Chiller, Kegs, Water Softener, and Water Treatment System.
Timing A one-time payment 3 months after investments close.

Remaining funding uses include cash buffer and Localstake Marketplace fees. See offering materials for full details.


Provide detail on your hiring plans

The company anticipates initially employing 15 full-time equivalent employees upon open, including the managers and brewery, server and kitchen staff.

What is the composition of your current team?

Albion Malleable Brewing Company, LLC was founded by Benjamin Wade, Chief Brewing Officer; Dr. Charles Moreau, Chief Operating Officer; and John Rogers, Chief Financial Officer. Each will be employed in management positions upon open: brewery manager, taproom manager, and business manager respectively.

Like many operators of new craft breweries, Ben, Charles and John are coming to the industry from diverse backgrounds with highly-transferable and relevant skills. Ben has a background in laboratory quality assurance, Charles in laboratory management and scientific research, and John from finance and economics. Their skill sets are complementary and span the space of necessary skills. All three have demonstrated the analytic skills necessary to utilize data from industry standard accounting, point-of-sale, and enterprise resource planning software. Additionally, Ben is an award-winning home-brewer with 10-years of experience, and Charles is an ANSI certified Professional Food Manager with training in hazard and critical control point food-safety protocols.

Provide us with some background on your products and services.


Albion Malleable Brewing Company will initially produce five flagship beers: a dry-hopped session amber, an India Pal Ale (IPA), a saison and an American dark ale (or black IPA).  There will be a rotating offering for seasonal or one-off batches. Additional taps will be added as demand and capacity allow.

  • K-River Red – Like the easy-going, beautiful and bountiful stretch of the Kalamazoo River that gives this beer its name, our amber ale flows easy and lets you keep coming back for more without sending you too far down stream. K-River Red has a lower alcohol content (commonly called a “session” ale), a mildly sweet and malty base and a touch of caramel flavor.  The aroma is heavily influenced by abundant citrus and fruity hops used late in the brewing process.  Little-to-no early hop addition, coupled with late hopping in the brew kettle and dry hopping in the fermenter allows for an intense citrus hop aroma without the astringent bitterness of an IPA. 
  • Uncle Cousin IPA – Chief Brewing Officer Ben Wade and his cousin Jim both grow hops.  When the two married sisters from the same family brought kids into this world, they jokingly adopted the moniker “Uncle Cousin” to describe the unique relationship they had  to their nieces and nephews.  The two pooled their freshly harvested Centennial and Nugget hops, and Uncle Cousin IPA was born. IPAs have become the defining flavor of the            craft beer movement for many enthusiasts – and some of the best in the world are brewed here in Michigan.  Uncle Cousin’s balanced pilsner and 2-row malt backbone and honey  malt sweetness support the huge charge of citrusy, herbal and spicy hops.    
  • Sister City Saison – Albion has a fantastic relationship with its French sister city Noisy Le Roi.  When Ben visited in 2011, he packed along a bottle of his gold medal winning saison – a style that originated in a French speaking region of Belgium.  The beer was a huge hit – both in Albion and Noisy.  Fermented very dry, this beer has a light golden body and high carbonation. The strongest of our standard ales at just over 7% alcohol, this beer has a crisp and mildly spicy finish.  The dryness and low hop profile also make this the perfect beer for blending at the point of service.  From beer mimosas to summer shandy and beer-bellini’s made with fresh locally grown fruits, this beer will be malleable to the customer’s taste.   
  • Squirrel Smuggler – Telling has it of a local man obsessed with Albion’s unofficial mascot,  the black squirrel.  Having grown up in Ohio, and having never before seen one, he trapped  a few and smuggled them back to his home town where they apparently took up residence and formed a thriving population.  Sometimes things end up where you don’t expect them.  Like the huge hop load in this dark and slightly roasty beer. Grassy and aromatic, Squirrel Smuggler is unapologetically bitter.  This will not be the beer for everyone, but the enthusiasts will go out of their way to get their hands on this unique offering.
  • Molasses Ginger Porter – Ben’s wife Jenny loves to bake, and her molasses cookies made with chocolate and ginger have become a family favorite.  Inspired by the unique combination of flavors, this porter is brewed with a huge percentage of chocolate malt, along with real dark chocolate.  Subtle notes of molasses round out the flavor profile, and a slight warming is left behind from a balanced addition of crystalized ginger.
  • TAP 5 – The fifth tap will be used for seasonal offerings and special batches.  Seasonal products are amongst the top selling craft beers in the U.S. The core market will have their go-to favorites, but everyone loves to sample something new and unique. Planned styles include an imperial stout, barleywine, and brown ale.

Expansion of offerings – With the addition of a winery license, the brewery can also expand to produce cider and mead using locally sourced ingredients. This will provide a popular alternative for non-beer drinkers or those with allergies or gluten intolerance.


The Albion Malleable taproom menu will focus on high-quality, beer-friendly fare emphasizing items prepared in-house from fresh ingredients and locally sourced when possible. As a brewery and taproom, the primary focus will be on beer sales. Food options will, however, drive additional beer sales relative to a taproom with no food options.

To remain focused on the core business, the menu will initially be limited in scope and grow over time. Menu expansion will be a key driver of growth in years 2 and 3. The kitchen as planned will be able to add additional menu items with little or no additional capital expense. Moreover, proximity to the Albion Food Hub will give Albion Malleable access to an entire commercial kitchen at favorable hourly rates. This will allow for large scale preparation of existing menu items and the ability to offer specials and prototype new menu offering with little cash expense.

At open, the menu will feature several key items which will be familiar to fans of craft beer, but with Albion Malleable’s unique spin. In designing the menu, consideration has been given to the ease of sourcing and supporting the menu to keep costs down. Local sourcing is a high priority and Albion Malleable has formed key relationships with local producers to support sourcing needs where possible.

The Albion Malleable Hamburger

Anchoring the menu is Albion Malleable’s version of the classic hamburger. Drawing on the popular style of take-out favorites In ‘n Out and Shake Shack, the Malleable’s hamburger will feature a quarter-pound patty ground in house from a proprietary mix of sirloin, chuck and brisket, and served on a potato roll with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a proprietary sauce. Currently, no restaurant in Albion is serving a “definitive” hamburger, and this one will fill a glaring gap. Market testing of the burger has elicited strong positive feedback for taste, texture, portion size and value. Offering of new and interesting topping choices can drive future menu growth.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

A tavern staple, chicken wings are a ubiquitous menu item accompanying beer. Albion Malleable’s wings come from a 20-year old family recipe that harkens back to Duff’s, one of two Buffalo area bars laying claim to creation of the original chicken wing in the 1960’s, though the honor generally goes to Buffalo’s Anchor Bar. This recipe uses only fresh wings and proprietary dredging method that gives the wings an improved texture and flavor. Offering new sauce flavors can drive future menu growth.


Sandwiches are a simple and flexible way to increase the variety of the menu at open. Two examples were inspired by the John, Ben and Charles’s trip to the 2016 Craft Brewer’s Conference held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visiting the Reading Terminal Market, the  group sampled two classic Philadelphia staples: the cheesesteak and the roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe. While the cheesesteak is more familiar outside of Philadelphia, both sandwiches are destination meals for locals and visitors alike. Despite their popularity, only the cheesesteak appears with any frequency outside the area, and seldom of a similar quality. Giving Albion a proper version of these classics will set the Malleable apart.


Salads are offer another flexible, high-demand, strong margin menu item. Salads are infinitely malleable in variety, cater to customers who are seeking the perception of lighter fare. Salads command a similar price point to sandwiches and entrees, particularly with the addition of protein and can serve as vegetarian options.


A variety of appetizers such as warm dips, hummus, or house-cut french fries with and without a variety of topics give patrons the option of adding items to a meal order or for accompanying beer during non-meal hours.


Product pricing will be critical in meeting revenue projections. First-year projections are predicated on nominal margins of 90% for beer products and 66% for food items. These numbers are consistent with industry standards. Margin goals will require strict costing controls as well as appropriate menu pricing. The latter will be influenced both by the cost of goods sold as well as comparables from a market analysis.

Nominal beer pricing will be $5.00 per pint and is supported by both criteria above. Beers of typical gravity, i.e. beers whose alcohol content is between 4 and 6% alcohol by volume (ABV), will have a cost of goods around $0.50 per pint. Microbreweries with taprooms listed in the Market Analysis section below have similar pricing for commensurate products.

Some pricing variation on beer products will accommodate beers that have higher cost due to increased gravity, large grain or hops bills, or lower yield (which often accompanies larger bills). Most breweries have products for which they increase the per pint price or sell in smaller quantity, e.g. 10 ounce snifters.

Food product pricing will be driven by the above and additional considerations. A sampling of microbreweries and relevant restaurants in the area shows that pricing tolerance allows for sandwich and salad pricing ranging from $8.00 to $15.00 and appetizers from $6.00 to $11.00. As final costing of menu items is determined there is considerable latitude to set price relative to cost. The target value of 66% is consistent with the food industry standard of 3:1 price to cost on food items.

In addition to cost another critical metric will be average per capita ticket price. First-year projections are built on achieving a $17.50 average ticket price, including beer sales. Menu pricing will be engineered to encourage this average. Appetizers added to meals or added to beer-only tickets will augment per ticket price as well as value-adds such as low-cost high- margin snacks like peanuts or pretzels or soda available for $1.00 to $4.00.

What is your production process?

The microbrewery operation is built around a brewhouse capable of producing 7 barrels of finished beer per 6-hour brew day, with additional vessels for fermentation, carbonation, and service. Fermentation and carbonation vessels will be collocated with the brewhouse in a brewery space and service vessels will be located in a walk-in cold room and will be visible from and feed beer directly to the taproom. The brewery will also provide space for receiving shipments (shared with kitchen), grain storage and milling, and keg cleaning and filling.

The microbrewery operation as planned will initially provide capacity to brew 350 to 450 barrels of beer per year which is consistent with first-year sales projections. The 7 barrel brewhouse can produce well in access of 2000 barrels of beer per year with the addition of staff and brewing vessels.

What is your product development timeline?

Anticipated open date for Albion Malleable Brewing Company is January 2018. Major milestone to be reach in the interim are:

 - Closing private bank debt financing ~$600k

- Closing crowdfunding round ~$200

- Begin buildout by replacing roof and pouring new concrete floor

- Open dialogue with regulators from MLCC and county health deparment begin with buildout

- Making final payment on and receiving delivery of 7 barrel brewhouse from Craftwerk ~$90k

- Receive and install of kitchen equipment and bar

- Final approval from MLCC

- Infill and decor our in place

- Opening in late January 2018


How do you sell your product or service?

The taproom operation will consist of a bar and seating area, outdoor seating, and a limited kitchen. Seating in the taproom will be divided between a bar area with room for 20-30 patrons and a dining area with seating for 70-80 patrons. Seating will be oriented to maximize views of the interior architectural interest and the brewing vessels. The second floor can be built out to provide additional seating at open or held for future expansion. The approximately 800 square feet can provide overflow seating for another 40-60 patrons or space for private events.

The site will also allow substantial room for outdoor café seating, allowing us to increase our seating capacity during peak traffic months.  Moreover, attractive outdoor seating will enhance the town by creating activity along Superior Street. The site further provides adequate parking to support the planned seating capacity of the taproom.

The décor will draw heavily on the industrial theme of our name and history of the City of Albion. Exposed brick and building mechanicals as well as direct views of the brewing vessels will create a visually interesting atmosphere and a direct connection to the brewery operation for customers. The century old brick building possess gorgeous post and beam timber trusses supporting the roof which will be exposed during renovations providing a strong visual appeal for customers, and fits the functional aesthetic of the taproom. Materials reclaimed during renovation will be repurposed to add further visual appeal.

How do you market your product or service?

The foundation of the marketing strategy for Albion Malleable Brewing Company will be to brand itself as embodying the energy and excitement at the core of Albion’s economic redevelopment. By leveraging existing community assets such as the Bohm Theatre and participating in the creation of others like the Calhoun County Trail Alliance, Albion Malleable will not simply be known as a part of the craft brewing movement but key to fostering the quality of life that will make Albion attractive for people to live, work and play in.

To do this, the company will initially rely heavily on inexpensive social media. Social media marketing has opened up tremendous opportunity for little to no cost for small business. Albion Malleable has already secured a domain name for the web site, as well as accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Plans to expand to Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and others are in the works.

The social media content will initially be self-managed, using centralized software such as Hootsuite to coordinate and schedule publishing across platforms. As proof of concept, the Facebook page was pushed out to immediate friends and family on Saturday, July 16th. Within 24 hours, the page was viewed directly nearly 2,000 times and over 500 people had “liked” the page. The organic reach (total number of user who had Albion Malleable Brewing Company in their feed) was 11,521 people. After two weeks, the page has 644 “likes” and gets instant traffic and reactions with every new post. This is without paid advertising to boost the visibility. The local community is excited and starved for news of what’s happening with Albion Malleable. This will continue to be a cornerstone of how the brewery interacts with the public.

Beyond social media, other restaurants in the Albion area have seen marked success with low- cost radio advertising. These establishments have indicated the effect of these radio ads have been to drive traffic from up to 20-30 miles away. Advertising like this will be critical to driving growth in the Visitor market segment as growth slows in the immediate Albion community.

Beyond general advertising, the brewery will put on targeted events that will have a compelling value proposition for patrons in the Beer Enthusiast market segment. These events will offer everything from pricing specials on growlers and other specialty items to behind the scenes brewery tours. These events will be high margin and aim to build a base of early adopters to advocate for the Albion Malleable brand in the wider regional and state market.

In keeping with the company’s emphasis on supporting a growing and vibrant community, special attention will be paid to promote, participating in, and sponsoring events that make the City of Albion a destination. For instance, according to the City of Albion over ten thousand people pass through the town for the Festival of the Forks. Events such as this, Albion College’s Homecoming celebration, the town farmer’s market, and regional and national equestrian events will be opportunities to drive the high-margin taproom sales and expose the brand to a wider audience.

Who are your competitors?

Albion Malleable’s competition will break down into three main categories: microbreweries with taprooms, bars, and restaurants. Naturally, taprooms will represent the most direct and relevant competition as they are identical businesses. While recognizing there will be competition from taprooms such as Dark Horse Brewing Company in Marshall, there are positive spillover effects from proximity too. The craft beer enthusiasts see the density of desirable destinations as a motivating factor when choosing where to visit. Albion Malleable will leverage its proximity to other taprooms to drive growth in the Visitor and Beer Enthusiast market segments. Local bar competition will mainly be driven by the desirability of the location and atmosphere of Albion Malleable in comparison to other establishments. Being a craft brewery that does not initially offer liquor or wine, our product will be significantly differentiated from competitors’ offerings. The challenge posed by competitors in the bar segment will be attracting customers who desire liquor and wine. This will be addressed by a superior service experience and the quality of food compared to our competition. Emphasis will be placed on reaching out to customers who are new to craft beer, and beer offerings may be tailored to attract newcomers. Finally, while the business’s food offerings are primarily to support beer sales, having a menu that is anticipated to grow will bring Albion Malleable into competition with local restaurants. Both supporting beer sales and a lack of quality dining options in Albion necessitate a significant and growing profitable food component for the business.

What market(s) are you in?

Comments on the Local Albion Market

Albion Malleable will, upon opening, be the first and only microbrewery and taproom serving the local community. Moreover, the City of Albion has been grossly underserved (or in some cases just grossly served) by restaurants and bars for several decades. In comparison to Marshall, Michigan, a similarly sized city located 12 miles west, there are markedly fewer dining and bar options in Albion, and few of quality. As such, a most Locals seek out restaurants and bars in neighboring cities such as Marshall, Homer, and Jackson. This has created a pent-up demand for quality dining and recreation options in Albion. This is supported by comments on social media and other outlets. Albion Malleable will therefore be building a market by retaining dollars from the Local market that have been hemorrhaging out of the community.

The City of Albion is home to Albion College, a co-education liberal arts college with an enrollment of approximately 1500 students. In addition to the student population, the college employs several hundred faculty, staff and administrators. While financial projections in this document have been constructed without any direct consideration of this population, they will nonetheless contribute additional sales. More importantly, the college drives considerable additional traffic to the city from around the state. In addition to large college events such as homecoming, home football games, graduation, etc., the college hosts thousands of families a year for recruiting events, camps, and campus visits. These events extend through summer even when the college itself is not in session. This traffic will be invaluable both to increasing sales and to building the Albion Malleable brand in the greater Michigan craft brewing market.

Comments on the Broader Michigan Market

Albion Malleable is uniquely situated to attract consumers from both the east side of the state, i.e. the Detroit Metro area, as well as from West Michigan. Albion is located conveniently along the I-94 corridor equidistant from both Detroit and Grand Rapids. In a recent Michigan State University Extension article5 citing a 2015 Nielsen study, Detroit was cited as having the 10th largest increase in craft beer sales by volume in the nation at 18.6%. In the same study, Grand Rapids was ranked 8th in the nation in craft beer market share at a whopping 26.4%, more than double the national value. Moreover, Grand Rapids has frequently been voted at or near the top of numerous “Best Beer Cities” polls, including a 2016 USA Today ranking6. The latter ranking specifically cites the local ability to promote beer tourism within its community. As Albion Malleable grows its brand beyond the local market it will be able to attract beer enthusiasts from two of the best markets in the country.

What is your competitive advantage?

Albion Malleable will compete on a differentiated value proposition versus price. The business plans is to have a distinct and recognizable brand with deep connections to the history of Albion, MI and the surrounding communities. The goal will be to invoke deep nostalgia and loyalty to the business. Additionally, from a product perspective, Albion Malleable plans to have a product of superior quality; hand-crafted beers and food with discerningly chosen ingredients. The taproom will also serve as a superior channel for delivering Albion Malleable's products to customers. This will be complemented by a highly trained and disciplined wait staff that will be incentivized to build relationships that lead to recurring business.

Who are your target customers?

During the first three years of operation, the primary source of revenue for Albion Malleable will be beer and food sales in the taproom, with primary focus on the higher-margin beer sales. As such, our market will consist of dollars spent by households on alcoholic beverages and food away from home. Persons visiting the brewery will consist of “Locals”, typically living within 10 miles of the City of Albion, “Visitors” who will come from between 10 and 20 miles, and “Beer Enthusiasts” travelling from greater than 20 miles. The correlation between patron category and distance is only approximate, and some overlap will exist.

Locals patronizing the brewery will form our core customers. First-year projections are based on 71% of all customer visits coming from this group. These visits will further divide into regular customers who frequent the taproom multiple times each week at both meal service and non- meal service hours, as well as less-frequent customers looking to add variety to their meal and recreation options. The latter group will skew slightly in favor of meal service hours.

Despite being largely rural in nature, the local market is surprisingly large. Based on economic data provided by the Michigan Small Business Development Center4, the population within a 10- mile radius centered on the City of Albion is 29,807. Total expenditures on restaurant food and alcohol in this market totaled over $33M in 2014. Expenditures for alcohol alone were over $5M in the same year.

Visitors will be customers coming from circles between 10 and 20-miles in radius. In this area, the population increases by approximately 162,000 persons. There is a commensurate increase in expenditures on food away from home of $158M and on alcoholic beverages of $30M. First- year projections have 21% of patron visits coming from the Visitor category. Purchasing patterns for Visitors are expected to largely mirror those of locals, but to occur preferentially outside of typical daytime work hours.

Beer Enthusiasts will be patrons originating from 20-miles and beyond. These are patrons who are actively engaged in the craft-beer movement in Michigan, and seek out new and interesting breweries. These customers will spend disproportionately more on beer than locals or visitors, and will visit the taproom preferentially on weekends, holidays, and summer months when travel is more convenient. Considering an area bounded by circles of 20 and 30-miles in radius, the population increases by approximately 280,000 persons and money spent on food out and alcohol increases by $290M and $53M respectively. First-year projections have 8% of customer visits originating from Beer Enthusiasts. Future growth will likely be driven by increased penetration into this group.

Do you have current customers?

Not opening until Q1 2018, we do not have any customers yet.


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John P Rogers

Management Consulting

As Chief Financial Officer, John Rogers is responsible for financial management and reporting requirements for the company. John's initial responsibilities will include developing a successful financing strategy, leading capital raise efforts, and implementing the necessary internal controls once the business is operating. John brings business experience spanning investment banking, venture capital, and consulting, and he holds a BA in Economics from Albion College. He is currently employed as a consultant at Improvement Path Systems, a healthcare consultancy.


Charles E Moreau

Associate Professor and Chair at Albion College

Dr. Charles Moreau, as Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for facility operations including kitchen, taproom, and equipment management. Charles brings technical expertise to the operational and business planning challenges of the company as well as a creative mind and culinary passion to the taproom kitchen. He is currently an Associate Professor of Physics at Albion College and holds a PhD in Experimental Physics from Michigan State University.

1508893647 final logo

Ben Wade

Chief Brewing Officer Ben Wade is head all brewing operations for the company. Ben is an award winning home brewer with over 10 years of brewing experience. Among other duties, Ben will develop and advocate for Albion Malleable Brewing Company’s unique portfolio of brews directly with customers in the taproom, at industry events and tradeshows. Ben has a BA in Biology from Albion College and a MBA from Spring Arbor University. He is currently employed as the analytical chemistry lab manager for Emergent Biosolutions in Lansing, Michigan.


Jeff Petherick

Board Member

New Albion Impact Group

About Albion Malleable Brewing Company

Entity Albion Malleable Brewing Company, LLC
Entity Type LLC
State Organized Michigan
Founded March 2016
Employees 3
Social Media


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Risks & Disclosures

Describe your company's organizational structure

As a microbrewery under Michigan law, Albion Malleable is licensed to produce less than 60,000 barrels a year and may sell to licensed wholesalers and directly to consumers for on- and off-premises consumption1. The company is owned by its members who elect a Board of Managers who in turn appoint officers to run the day-to-day operations of the company. There are three officers in the company; Benjamin Wade, Chief Brewing Officer (CBO), Charles Moreau, Chief Operating Officer (COO), and John Rogers, Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Each also serves as both a manager and member of the LLC. Additionally, New Albion Impact Group LLC (NAIG) serves as a Member of the LLC and appoints a fourth Manager.

Chief Brewing Officer Ben Wade is head all brewing operations for the company. Ben is an award winning home brewer with over 10 years of brewing experience. Among other duties, Ben will develop and advocate for Albion Malleable Brewing Company’s unique portfolio of brews directly with customers in the taproom, at industry events and tradeshows. Ben has a BA in Biology from Albion College and a MBA from Spring Arbor University. He is currently employed as the analytical chemistry lab manager for Emergent Biosolutions in Lansing, Michigan.

Dr. Charles Moreau, as Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for facility operations including kitchen, taproom, and equipment management. Charles brings technical expertise to the operational and business planning challenges of the company as well as a creative mind and culinary passion to the taproom kitchen. He is currently an Associate Professor of Physics at Albion College and holds a PhD in Experimental Physics from Michigan State University.


As Chief Financial Officer, John Rogers is responsible for financial management and reporting requirements for the company. Developing a successful financing strategy and leading capital raise efforts will be John’s initial responsibilities as well as implementing the necessary internal controls. John brings business experience spanning investment banking, venture capital, and consulting and holds a BA in Economics from Albion College. He is currently employed as an analyst at Improvement Path Systems, a healthcare consultancy.

NAIG was formed in 2016 for the express purpose of making investments in start-up businesses that benefit the economic growth of the City of Albion. NAIG has raised investment capital from persons friendly to the City of Albion and Albion College and represent business leaders from both Albion and the state of Michigan. NAIG is committed to the long term development and success of the businesses in which it invests, and will provide valuable business guidance in additional to its cash investment. NAIG has committed $275,000 to Albion Malleable, and will own a 49% stake in the microbrewery, with Ben, Charles and John each owning 17%. New Albion Impact Group, LLC will appoint a Manager to Albion Malleable Brewing Company, LLC.

What are the legal and regulatory requirements in your industry?

Albion Malleable Brewing Company is accountable to federal, state, local regulators. At the federal level, TTB governing agency as it related to alcohol manufacturing. The State of Michigan Liquor Control Commission will be certifying our production space, licensing, and related branding. Local county health inspectors have jurisdiction over food and patron safety.

Comment on and upload any information regarding previous, current, or anticipated legal proceedings or regulatory issues


Do you have any shareholder loans?

The company has outstanding loans from principals in the following outstanding amounts:  John Rogers: $2,930.21;  Charles Moreau: $2,261.80; Benjamin Wade: $481.69.

Who owns your product/service?

Albion Malleable Brewing Company, LLC

Do you have any employment contracts for key personnel?


An investment in the Company involves a high degree of risk, and should be regarded as speculative. Prospective investors should carefully consider these investment risks, among others, in addition to the other information presented in the Offering Materials, in evaluating the Company for investment. The risks listed herein are not a complete list of potential risks facing the Company and it may encounter unexpected risks in the future, which, may adversely affect its performance.

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