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Biologics Modular

Produces pre-built, transportable manufacturing facilities
Manufacturing Brownsburg, Indiana

Financial Summary

Biologics Modular is not currently fundraising.

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Preferred equity
Minimum Investment $24,971.74
Investor Eligibility All Investors

Previous Fundraise Activity

$400,353 raised
This business has $400,353 committed from 9 investors.
Max $400 k
↳Target $400 k


Offering Materials

Preferred equity investing explained

How it works: Investors receive a share of the ownership of the business by investing directly or through a pooled entity.

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How much equity will I receive?

You will own of the business after this fundraise.

Two key terms to understand in preferred equity offerings

Equity represents ownership in a business. Since investors are providing capital to the business in order for the business to operate, they receive preferential treatment as it relates to certain activities of the business. There are two key terms to focus on when considering a preferred equity offering:

Valuation: Valuation represents the agreed upon price at which the business is being valued in the fundraise. There is not set method for determining what the valuation of a business is, especially for early stage companies. It is simply a number to be negotiated between the business and potential investors. Investors will want a lower valuation, so that they receive a greater percentage ownership in the business. Businesses will want a higher valuation, so that they give up less ownership. Typically with early stage businesses, you can expected to give up anywhere between 20% and 50% of your company in a preferred equity fundraise. Typical valuations for early stage businesses range from in the hundreds of thousands to $5 million.

Liquidation preference: A liquidation preference represents the order in which proceeds of the business are distributed in the event that the business is sold. Often, preferred equity will come with a 1x liquidation preference, meaning investors receive 1 times their investment back before any other funds are distributed to any other owners of the business (i.e. the common equity holders). In this scenario, investors would receive their money back, and then any additional proceeds would be distributed ratably (based on the percentage of the business each investor owns).

So if the company is sold for $10 million, and preferred equity investors previously invested $1 million, which represented 25% ownership of the company, preferred equity investors would receive the first $1 million + 25% of the remaining $9 million, or a total of $3.25 million in the sale. So while they owned just 25% of the company, they received a total of 32.5% of the proceeds from the sale of the company.

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Business Plan

Biologics Modular was started in early 2010 to reduce cost and time of biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug manufacturing and development processes. Historically, companies in this industry have dedicated significant time and capital to either building out large-scale manufacturing facilities according to strict FDA guidelines or spending significant capital outsourcing their drug manufacturing to certified partners. With the industry moving towards personalized drugs, small batch and single use technologies offer biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies new alternatives to how they have traditionally manufactured products. Biologics Modular's facilities empower their customers to embrace alternative approaches.

Biologics Modular's pre-constructed, pre-validated, transportable facilities allow both large and small biotech companies the flexibility and cost-savings needed to test new products or scale up and scale down the production of smaller batch drugs to adapt to the changing needs of their customers. Biologics Modular's facilities can be configured to support as much flexibility in production as is required by the customer. Drug manufacturers can use Biologics Modular's facilities (which are constructed in shipping container structures) to ramp up a production ready facility in as little as 6 months. Timeline for a traditional facility buildout and validation typically 2 years. This approach has been recognized by industry authorities as an ideal template for future drug manufacturing. The Compay's platform can also be used in markets other than drug development, most notably for hospitals and compounding pharmacies where certain facilitates are now required to meet FDA-level standards.

Biologics Modular has raised over $2 MM in capital and spent nearly 3 years developing its modular facilities, getting input from the FDA and creating meaningful partnerships with equipment manufacturers. Biologics Modular's current prospective customer interest is growing and the Company is looking to ramp up its sales and marketing efforts in order to increase brand awareness and grow its customer pipeline.

Entity Type LLC

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Clark H Byrum Jr.

CEO / President

Clark has over 15 years of leadership and management experience in bank management and investment banking. Most recently Clark oversaw investment and trust operations and institutional investments at American State Bank and advised in transactions at Ross Sinclaire & Associates. Clark holds a B.S. from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


Mike Katsis

VP Business Development

Mike leads the sales and business development efforts at Biologics Modular, Mike is focusing on relationship building and customer education. He has ove 25 years of extensive experience in sales, management and Buisness Development. Prior to joining Biologics Modular, Mike has held various senior level positions: Biologics Modular, LLC, Jada Beauty,The Sandstone Group, Inc.,Qtrac Software, LLC.,The Stratford Companies, Inc. and Sun Industries, Inc.


Chris Wernimont

VP Engineering

Chris is responsible for the development and implementation of design, procurement, supply chain management, and project management of all phases of customer requirement definition, design solution, material and component purchase, installation, performance testing and validation to FDA requirements. Chris holds a BS degree and MS degree in Chemical Engineering from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He began his career with Eli Lilly and Company and held various engineering, GMP manufacturing management and capital project management positions while employed there. He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and has helped successfully deliver on over $800 MM worth of biopharmaceutical capital projects.


Charles A. Hall

VP Finance

Charles leads accounting and financial management and reporting functions at Biologics Modular. He has over 30 years of experience in accounting and financial management most recently at the Key Corporation. Other experience includes Key Life Insurance Company and The Statesman Group. Currently, Charles also serves as Treasure at the Key Corporation. He holds a B.S. in accounting from Indiana University.

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Matt Macaluso

Legal Counsel

Matt provides legal counsel to Biologics Modular. He is a founder of Keller Macaluso where he leads entrepreneurial and business services groups. He advises on transactional and contract matters for sports and motorsports business and closely held entrepreneurial and emerging growth companies. Matt holds a juris doctorate, cum laude, from the Valparaiso University Law School and a B.S. from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University.


Interphex Tradeshow Update

March 22, 2014

Biologics Modular was featured at the Interphex Show on the IPS tour
The expanding popularity of the Biologics Modular Deploy Ready Platform is evident with Large Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Representatives of Biologics Modular met with several A/E firms and large manufacturers to begin the review of slated new facilities.

Biologics Modular Now Open for Funding

March 10, 2014

Biologics Modular is excited to announce that it has secured initial investment and is now available for additional funding on Localstake. Login to Localstake to view Company materials and complete investment. The Biologics team is looking forward to continuing its initial momentum towards its target funding goal. Feel free to reach out to Localstake or Clark Byrum, President / CEO of Biologics ( with any questions.

Clark and Biologics Modular were featured on a recent edition of Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick. Click the below link for video.

Business status: No current fundraise

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