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Greenleaf Juice Indiana

Healthy, fast-casual concept centered around fresh, organic juice
Food/Bev. Indianapolis, Indiana

Financial Summary

Greenleaf Juice Indiana is not currently fundraising.

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Preferred equity
Minimum Investment $1,000
Investor Eligibility All Investors

Previous Fundraise Activity

$50,000 raised
This business has $50,000 committed from 4 investors.
Target $50 k


Explain your historical financial performance to date.

Greenleaf opened it's first brick & mortar store in mid-2012 (Pearl), second in late 2013 (Pioneer), and third in early 2014 (Moody). Company-wide sales were $1.5M in 2014 with a small EBITDA loss. In 2015, gross sales were $1.85M with an EBITDA profit. Greenleaf projects over $2M in sales for 2016.

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The initial location in Indianapolis can be expected to ramp up from $400K to $900K in gross sales in approximately 3 to 5 years.

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Business Plan

Founders Matt and Garret worked in finance for several years. Being unfulfilled by their career paths at the time, they decided to combine their savings and move to the health-conscious, active city of Portland to start a juice bar. At the time, Portland had very limited options in this space, and the nationwide resurgence in juice bars and pressed juice retail was just beginning. Greenleaf chose Portland due to the favorable food cart laws. This low cost, low risk option allowed the founders to establish proof of concept before committing to a long lease. After experiencing success with the cart and first retail location, the founders took on a third partner to help grow the company to two additional locations in Portland. Since opening the original cart in July of 2011, Greenleaf has experienced steady growth in total revenue, same-store sales, and operating income. Greenleaf has strong brand recognition in and around Portland and plans to continue adding new locations and improving operational efficiency. Relative to other operators in the space, Greenleaf relies heavily on data and analytics to drive key decision making.

Greenleaf has been approached many times over the years by prospective franchisees in various markets across the U.S. As one of the founders and primary operators for several years, Garret is in a unique position to bring the concept into a new market. He plans to prove out the new market model himself before extending the same opportunity to others, and feels particularly capable of doing so in his hometown of Indianapolis.

What is your competitive advantage?

Greenleaf Juice offers premium, fast-casual health food options made to order with uncompromised principles of quality & nutrition. Greenleaf is committed to pressing and bottling an unpasteurized, raw juice product making it superior to similar options at the grocery store. All products are handcrafted in front of our guests in a public, transparent facility in order to showcase the quality of our ingredients and processes.

Greenleaf Indy has an advantage over its market peers by having access to 5 years of accumulated know-how, processes, and brand assets through its relationship with Greenleaf Juicing Company in Portland, OR. As a co-founder of the Portland entity, Garret Flynn is in a particularly favorable position of having helped to build the company's know-how to date.

Provide us with some background on your products and services.

Our menu offering can be broken down into two categories: walk-up and packaged/production. Our walk-up options include made to order: juice, smoothies, steamed soups, granola cups, acai bowls, craft shots, quinoa bowls, and oatmeal bowls. Packaged options include cold-pressed juice, handcrafted cashew milk, almond+juice, cashew cold brew, and craft shots: wheatgrass & ginger.

Status In Negotiations
Location Type Retail Space
Comments 18 N. Meridian is roughly 700 square feet of prime Indy retail space. The space was used for many years as Hardwicke's Pipe & Tobacco. It is essentially on the circle, just steps south on the west side of Meridian and across from Qboda & Jimmy John's. The space is located in the Gauranty Building which currently houses Salesforce and will likely be welcoming a new, large tenant in 2017 once Salesforce moves into the Chase Tower. The location is well positioned for daily office foot traffic as well as a significant evening & weekend tourist draw.
Entity Greenleaf Juice Indiana LLC
Entity Type LLC
State Organized Indiana
Founded October 2016

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Garret Flynn


Garret Flynn worked in finance for three years prior to moving to Portland, OR in 2011 to found Greenleaf Juicing Company with a former co-worker. Currently, the company is over $2M in sales for 2016.

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Garret believes that Greenleaf's ideal demographic has rapidly developed there. He is opening the location as a joint-venture with his partners in Portland in order to prove its viability in a new and different market. The relationship with Greenleaf corporate will provide a degree of support not typically available to food start-ups. including marketing, finance, accounting, and strategic collaboration.

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Joe Peoni


Joe Peoni is a Senior Account Manager of Dedicated Accounts at Blue Ribbon Transport in Indianapolis, IN. He oversees outbound distribution of fresh produce and inbound distribution for a national grocery chain. He will be managing Greenleaf Indy's supply chain, input sourcing, and operations as well as investing his own capital in the joint-venture.


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