After working in the restaurant business for the last 12 years, the last three of which were as operating partner of the highly successful ZaZa Wood Fired Pizza and Salad located in Conway, Arkansas I've decide to move back to Bloomington, IN to open a new restaurant featuring a similar concept as ZaZa.

ZaZa features wood-fired Napoli style pizza, savory salads and creamy gelato. When I started at ZaZa, we had established meaningful customer demand and a reputation for quality, fresh productions. Despite our popularity, there was major loss of product due to over-prepping, wasting goods, and over serving customers. Our staff expense was also very high as a result of over scheduling. I was able to improve our efficiency by trimming the staff schedule and prep line processes. I was able to create more brand awareness for ZaZa through effective use of social events and catering donations, which led to increased brand loyalty, which drove more traffic and sales. We created relationships with local farmers who would unload their seasonal goods at a low cost when they had excess product on hand. ZaZa used these seasonal ingredients to create specials that highlighted local farmers and generated increased profit based on the lower cost. The practices I learned at ZaZa that helped drive sales and profitability will be the foundation of King Dough.

We are excited to bring the wood-fired pizza concept to Bloomington, a thriving pizza town that currently does not have any Napoli-style options. We have already started reaching out to the community by bringing our mobile pizza oven to the Middle Coast Film Fest, the Iris Camp, and a handful of other events. This has generated good initial interest in the King Dough concept and feedback from the community. We hope you are excited to join us as we continue the momentum of our initial customer base and get our restaurant location open to provide great wood-fired pizza to the town of Bloomington.

Please express interest in our business above to let us know you are interested in reviewing more information.

See below for some feedback we've received from our initial customers:

"King Dough Pizza was the official food vendor for Iris Camp 2014, and we couldn't have been more thrilled and pleased with everything about them! They are super friendly and make really great pizza. The care and thought they put into their natural, local ingredients (freshly made mozz!) really jived with our intention to offer healthy, delicious, real food. We hope they will be the official food vendor for Iris Camp each year from here on out!"

-Duan Doorkey, Iris Camp Director

"The King Dough cats know how to do it right! It's so great to have real, wood-fired pizza in this town and we were extra-super-delighted to have them on-site at our bar for a number of special occasions this year--nothing satiates a drinking crowd like a fresh pie. Whether you want something simple and traditional or a little more adventurous, these guys know quality and have the creativity to keep things interesting. They reclaim pizza as the perfect food. Long live King Dough!"

- Nicci Garblowski, The Back Door Bloomington

"King Dough catered The Harmony School's carnival style Extravaganza on our 40th anniversary. Not only was the food delicious, but Adam also worked with us to ensure we would have healthy and affordable options for the families in attendance. Best food we've ever had at our Extravaganza!

- Natalie Bouse, Operations Director, The Harmony School

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Jonathon A Sweet, Chef and Proprietor

Financial Summary

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Revenue Share
Investor Eligibility All Investors
Minimum Investment $500
Payback Multiple 2.2x
Payment Frequency Monthly
Disbursement Late Fees 5.00%
Loan Collateral Unsecured
Seniority Junior
Equivalent Interest Rate (/yr) 52.32%
Maturity May 31, 2022

Investment Perks

Expired 05/09/2015 | $1,000.00
Invite to Exclusive Investor Event

Along with your revenue share, join us for a pre-grand opening investor event at our location in Bloomington.

Expired 04/09/2015 | $1,000.00
25% Discount on All King Dough Goods!

Along with your revenue share, you will receive an exclusive 25% discount, available in-store during our entire first year of operations.

Expired 03/09/2015 | $1,000.00
Private party for up to 20 people catered by the King Dough team!

Along with your revenue share, we will cater a private party using our mobile pizza oven, and bring our goods to you! First 10 investors only.


Financial projections are subject to certain risks of the business and may not be achieved. Projections only contemplate projected cash flows, are unaudited and may not be formulated in accordance with US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Consult the investment materials for more information on business specific risks and a discussion of the key risks that may impede the achievement of the revenue forecasts presented. There is no guarantee that an investment may achieve any level of return. Review our Risks of Investing before making an investment decision.

Funding Plans & History


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Jonathon A Sweet

Chef and Proprietor

Spending the last 5 years as general manager and owner of Zaza, in Conway, AR, has been a major period of growth for me. Coming into a restaurant with high labor and low sales, it was a challenge to reach the community , but with the help of my wife as our PR director we drastically increased profitability and traffic at the restaurant. We are now at a point where we are extremely proud of the product we created and want to bring it to Bloomington to share. We are already doing caterings with our mobile wood fired pizza oven under the name King Dough and it's been a resounding success! Every patron asking how they can keep up with where we are.

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Alicia Sweet

PR and Events Coordinator

Alicia has spent the past 7 years holding a range of managerial positions including front manager at BloomingFoods, training supervisor at Whole Foods Market. For the last two years, she was the events coordinator/PR rep/gelato extraordinaire at ZaZa Woodfired Pizza and Salad in Conway, AR. In her time at ZaZa she built the name of the company up as a compassionate member of the community by setting up benefit events for animal shelters, elementary schools, youth groups...all which took place at the restaurant bringing more people in the door and building a loyal customer relationships. At King Dough, Alicia will use her skill set to spread the word about our growing business.

About King Dough

Entity King Dough LLC
Entity Type LLC
State Organized Indiana
Founded March 2015
Employees 35
Social Media


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Company Updates

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