Sojourner’s Brewing Project will compete in the fast-growing craft beer industry, initially in the greater Denver market. Sojourner’s Brewing Project will open under a beer wholesaler’s license, and, for the first couple years, will focus on building community and recognition around their taproom, with limited self-distribution to area bars in the form of leased kegs and liquor stores in the form of 22oz bombers and 12oz cans. Sojourner’s Brewing Project was inspired by a passion for homebrewing and a love of teaching. The word “Sojourner’s” is meant to invoke images of the intrepid explorer; “Brewing Project” pays homage to some of the small nanobreweries that have been the inspiration behind our high-release brewing model. Sojourner’s Brewing Project is a Limited Liability Company with two Members: Andrew Moore and Ben Gettinger. Andrew is a medal-winning amateur brewer who currently works for 105 Degree West Brewing in Castle Rock as a server and assistant brewer. In the past, he worked in packaging and cellaring for Boulder Beer Company, brewed for Crystal Springs Brewing, taught courses at Castle Rock Homebrew Supply, and assisted in the preliminary development of 105 Degree West Brewing Company. Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard and will finish a JD/MBA at Indiana University in May 2016. He left an options-trading job in Chicago in 2010 and returned to his small hometown in Indiana to take over publishing his family’s newspaper from his ailing mother. Upon matriculating at IU, he assisted in the sale of the business and has interned for three summers at in-house consulting roles for Fortune-200 companies.

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Benjamin P Gettinger, Cofounder

Financial Summary

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Convertible note
Minimum Investment $10,000
Investor Eligibility All Investors
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Benjamin P Gettinger

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Andrew Moore

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Entity Sojourner's Brewing Project, LLC
Entity Type LLC


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