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Solar America Solutions

Solar thermal heat collectors for commercial hot water and space heat
Alternative Energy Indianapolis, IN

Financial Summary

Solar America Solutions is not currently fundraising.

Previous Fundraise Summary

Security Type Revenue share
Minimum Investment $1,000
Investor Eligibility All Investors

Previous Fundraise Activity

$276,925 raised
This business has $276,925 committed from 18 investors.
Max $276 k
↳Target $150 k


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Business Plan

With the prices of fossil fuels rising and recently imposed “green” mandates to improve energy efficiency, commercial, institutional and industrial companies are actively looking for alternative energy solutions to reduce energy costs and become more energy efficient. Given that there are over 5.3 million commercial and industrial buildings in the U.S., and that approximately 44% of energy consumption by commercial buildings is for space heating and hot water, developing a viable solar thermal energy system for commercial, institutional and industrial applications represents a significant opportunity.

Unfortunately, when evaluating solar thermal energy systems, many commercial, institutional and industrial applications could not 1.) achieve the high temperatures needed to replace traditional fossil fuel energy sources or 2.) achieve the efficiency needed to make the adoption of a solar thermal energy system financially viable.

The patent pending SunQuest 250® by Solar America Solutions (SAS) changes all of that. Rather than generate electricity like many solar panels, the SunQuest 250® solar collectors generate thermal energy from the sun's UV rays that is used to heat water and provide space heating. Up to 3x more efficient than competitors, it has shown to reduce traditional fossil fuel energy usage for hot water and space heating by 30% to 70%. The large amount of thermal energy produced and the efficiency of SAS's solar panels make them an ideal solution for commercial and institutional buildings and industrial processes.

SAS has solar collectors installed at over 50 customer locations, including the University of Indianapolis and the Indiana State Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. It has a strong pipeline of customers that includes correctional facilities, state government buildings, large hotels, commercial greenhouses, university dormitories, and car wash franchises.

Entity Type C-Corp

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