Covid Relief Revenue Share Program

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused millions of small businesses to change course and adapt to survive, while millions more workers have lost their jobs or been furloughed. Working directly with these small businesses, Localstake has seen and heard first hand about all of the complicating factors in helping these business owners navigate their new operating environment. To help support our small businesses, we're doing what we can to get much needed financing into their hands as quickly as possible. We've created our Covid Relief Revenue Share Program to help do our part in getting them back on their feet.

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Raise up to $250k in revenue share financing

Covid Relief Revenue Share Program
Revenue share loans are uniquely suited to help small businesses in this time of need.

Discounted services

Offering prep and subscription fees are waived; it’s free to assess, prepare and launch an offering.
  • Only pay a placement fee if you successfully close on funding.
  • We'll work to launch your offering within a week of signup.

Discounted services

Offering prep and subscription fees are waived; it’s free to assess, prepare and launch an offering.
  • Only pay a placement fee if you successfully close on funding.
  • We'll work to launch your offering within a week of signup.
Covid Relief Revenue Share Program
Revenue share loans are uniquely suited to help small businesses in this time of need.

Relief through a unique revenue share loan

We have created a custom revenue share structure specifically suited for getting working capital into the hands of small businesses.

Defer payments

Take up to 12 months to get back to normal operating conditions

If your company experiences difficulties getting back to normal sales numbers, your payments will fluctuate to fit your circumstances.

Pay based on revenue

Flexible payments to cover seasonality and demand shocks

Your company makes one monthly payment, and we'll electronically disburse the funds into the bank account of each investor.

Pay back a set multiple

Continue making the monthly payments until investors receive a maximum total return

If the maximum total return has not been paid back by maturity, any outstanding amount is due. Prepayment discounts on the maximum total return are also available.

Revenue share loans are typically issued as unsecured debt, with no personal guarantees required of the management team.

Why Localstake?

Localstake is a broker dealer with a deep expertise in supporting investment offerings for small businesses. We’ve worked with hundreds of retail businesses to help assess, plan and execute capital raises targeted at retail investors, helping our clients turn their customers, fans and supporters into funding. The impact that the COVID-19 virus has had on the economy, particularly those in the retail and food and beverage space, has led us to create a streamlined process for onboarding businesses and helping them create investment offerings aimed at the general public.

Additional Resources

Learn more about other financing resources available to small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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