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Craft Beer
Craft Beer Company
Mission: Drink, Explore, and Make Friends
  • High-traffic taproom location, unique travel branding, exotic adjuncts
  • Turkish coffee, cardamom, garlic, basil, apricots, dates, figs, pears
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Food/Bev. Company
Fiercely Independent, Extremely Delicious!
  • Will offer customers technological tools to streamline ordering.
  • A unique dining experience and format.
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Craft Distilling
Craft Distilling Company
Launched an artisan distillery on Mass Ave, downtown Indy
  • Initial product focus on liqueurs, white whiskey, Gin & vodka
  • Space includes both production area and tasting room
Craft Beer
New Buffalo, MI
Beer Church Brewing Company
Craft brewery concept based in founder-purchased, civil-war era church
  • Award-winning brewer signed on as Head Brewer
  • Brewery buildout finishing up; opening soon!
  • $112,000 committed
  • from $124,500 of interest ( 94 )
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Software/Tech. Company
Making underwater exploration accessible through an underwater drone
  • Fathom is allowing others to dive underwater without getting wet.
  • The Fathom One is modular, allowing for adaptability and portability
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Manufacturing Company
Provide mobile, on-demand canning services to craft breweries
  • We save any size brewery, time, space and money
  • Growth in craft beer market drives demand, currently have 15 customers
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Craft Beer
Craft Beer Company
Indiana's first co-work brewery concept
  • Distinctive amongst any other brewery concept in the state
  • Two blocks from the Indiana University campus
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Business Svcs.
Business Svcs. Company
Zoë provides standard-setting commercial janitorial solutions.
  • Zoë is a growing, passionate company with local & international goals.
  • At Zoë, we go beyond clean to invest in the lives of those around us.
Craft Beer
Books & Brews
Books & Brews is a place for people without a place.
  • We are a used bookstore themed brewery focused on customer service.
  • We sell nostalgia, authenticity, and community.
  • $77,500 raised
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Retail/Wholesale Company
Up-and-coming player in the vintage clothing and home décor business.
  • Turned a profit & gathered a loyal following during a down economy.
  • Established revenue base; pursuing funds to open second location.
Craft Beer
Ypsilanti, MI
Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea LLC
Makers of award-winning, healthy, gluten-free kombucha tea and beer
  • Kombucha is the fastest growing segment of natural foods category
  • Strong growth: we're expanding production to meet current demand
  • $136,300 raised
Indianapolis, IN
Greenleaf Juice Indiana
Healthy, fast-casual concept centered around fresh, organic juice
  • 100% fresh fruits/vegetables and super food ingredients - often local
  • Brick and mortar stores; Predictable/stable sales; Growing industry
  • $50,000 raised
Craft Distilling
Bloomington, IN
Cardinal Spirits
Craft distillery producing artisan spirits: gin, vodka, and whiskey.
  • On leading edge of craft alcohol movement in an attractive market.
  • Team has experience leading early stage business and in distilling.
  • $850,000 raised
Indianapolis, IN
Moody's Butcher Shops
Only farm-to-fork local food system of its kind in Central Indiana.
  • 15 years of proven retail sales and production infrastructure.
  • Expanding business with the opening of another retail store.
  • $220,000 raised
Ellsworth, MI
Michigan Farm Market
Mail-order & eCommerce brand that champions small food entrepreneurs
  • 110% growth in 2016 Holiday revenue compared to 2015
  • Leveraging Michigan's diverse food system to rapidly grow our catalog
  • $250,000 raised
Indianapolis, IN
Scotty's Brewhouse | 96th Street
Established restaurant in Indiana with 12 locations. (since 1996)
  • Company-wide sales up 10% over previous year. 3 new projects in 2015.
  • Management team of 18 people that lead and direct the future growth.
  • $386,100 raised
Indianapolis, IN
Garden Party Botanical Hard Soda
"The Wine Cooler Grows Up!"
  • Consumers are looking for clean, fresh, alcohol beverage alternatives
  • We are utilizing unique, interesting flavors and strong branding.
  • $70,000 raised
Consumer Products
Indianapolis, IN
A musician invented, dermatologist recommended lip balm.
  • Currently being sold in over 7,400 CVS/pharmacies nationwide.
  • Only commercially sold lip balm that contains arnica.
  • $93,000 raised
Craft Beer
New Buffalo, MI
Beer Church Brewing Co.
New Buffalo is only beach town along Lake Michigan without a brewery.
  • Our beer will be big, adventurous, and hoppy.Our pizza true Neapolitan
  • Located in historic Civil War era church downtown overlooking the lake
  • $50,000 raised
Consumer Products
Sawyer, MI
Fruitbelt (Original Convertible Note Raise)
Developing novel fruit sodas based on the traditions of the Fruitbelt
  • Made from regionally and locally sourced fruit and aromatics
  • Plans to sell direct and wholesale to local specialty retail
  • $29,500 raised
Real Estate
Milwaukee, WI
Freshwater Fix, LLC
Own a piece of commercial real estate in Milwaukee
  • Anchor tenant is Purple Door Ice Cream, a local small business
  • Redevelopment is focused on community sustainability
  • $190,000 raised
Education Technology
Indianapolis, IN
Bearface Instructional Technologies
Provides unique learning, assessment technology for higher education
  • Replaces textbook/lecture/test model with customizable, webbased tools
  • Founders have heavy experience in academic publishing and health care
  • $348,825 raised
Alternative Energy
Indianapolis, IN
Solar America Solutions
Solar thermal heat collectors for commercial hot water and space heat
  • Up to 3x more efficient than competitor's solar collectors
  • Installed in 50+ customer locations and has a strong customer pipeline
  • $276,925 raised
Craft Beer
Tecumseh, MI
Tecumseh Brewing Company
Experienced microbrewery production and management team
  • Building already owned; established following of local supporters
  • Offering is only available to residents of Michigan
  • $174,500 raised
Craft Beer
Traverse City, MI
Earthen Ales
We brew innovative and balanced beers for our taproom and beyond.
  • We understand the importance of the customer experience AND good beer.
  • We're a craft beer experience that extends beyond the pint.
  • $103,700 raised
Brownsburg, IN
Biologics Modular
Produces pre-built, transportable manufacturing facilities
  • More cost-effective and more flexible as compared to traditional build
  • Provides a much needed solution to the pharmaceutical industry
  • $400,353 raised
Indianapolis, IN
Repucare Onsite
Provides next generation worksite health and wellness services
  • Clients include the City of Kokomo, Celadon, and state of Indiana
  • Acquiring a wellness co.; $5.8 MM in 2014 combined est. revs.
  • $125,000 raised
Indianapolis, IN
Wilks & Wilson LLC
Makers of All Natural Premium Cocktail Ingredients
  • All Natural, Mostly Organic, High Quality, Consistency
  • Preparing to launch a new product line of Ready-To-Drink Cocktails
  • $83,500 raised
Bloomington, IN
King Dough
Currently selling wood-fired pizza via our mobile oven
  • Looking to open location offering full Napoli inspired menu
  • Mgmt. team has previous experience running a napoli pizza restaurant
  • $110,500 raised
Craft Beer
Denver, CO
Sojourner's Brewing Project
Mission: Drink, Explore, and Make Friends
  • High-traffic taproom location, unique travel branding, exotic adjuncts
  • Turkish coffee, cardamom, garlic, basil, apricots, dates, figs, pears
  • $170,000 raised
Indianapolis, IN
FastTrack Student Loans
Creating the H&R Block of the student loan industry
  • Have consolidated 875+ student loans since starting in July 2013
  • Large market opportunity with student loan defaults at record levels

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