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We offer options to raise funding from all types of investors, regardless of personal worth.

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We can create required legal docs and manage compliance, or work with existing documents.

Custom Investment Crowdfunding Plan for Interactive Design

Phase 1: Cash Flow Analysis

Phase 1 Pricing

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Review your current financial situation and make plans for future financing using our free tools.


Cash flow analysis
Localstake will create cash flow projections using your data so that you can monitor and track your financial progress, discover trends, set strategic goals, and prepare for additional financing.
Connect directly to your bank and accounting data
We can automatically aggregate your financial data from resources you are already utilizing, no need for manual data entry.
Select from a variety of fundraising structures and terms
Review the offering terms available to your business, including equity and debt strategies. Use Localstake's term builder tools to set preliminary terms based on your company's specific financial and operational progress. We will help you determine a market-ready offering structure to help entice investors. You can modify your terms later based on investor feedback.

Phase 2: Fundraise Setup

Phase 2 Pricing

$39 / month

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Build out your business plan and profile.


Dedicated customer support and advisory via e-mail
24/7 email support with a dedicated advisor, providing assistance and guidance on fundraising for the entire time you use the Localstake platform.
Benchmark your financial projections to industry data
We will help you create custom industry benchmarks based on your business model. Analyze how your revenue potential and margins stack up to comparable companies.
Business plan and investor pitch creation tools
Develop your business plan and create one pitch for all investors with our story building profile questions. Highlight your business for investors and explain how their investment will benefit the company.
Compliance review
Our AML, OFAC and background checks bring additional credibility to your team and company to help build trust with potential investors.
Build market-ready legal docs
We have worked with our outside legal counsel to create investment document templates for both corporations and LLCs to raise funds via revenue share securities, preferred equity, and convertible notes. Our software will take your information and populate these documents for you to use to raise funds from investors, saving you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Phase 3: Collecting Investor Feedback and Fundraising

Phase 3 Pricing

$199 / month + up to 5% of funds closed or negotiated flat fee

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Market your fundraise, connect with investors, sign investment documents, and transfer funds. Localstake will verify the eligibility of all investors.


Collecting Investor Feedback
Dedicated customer support and best practice advisory via e-mail and phone
Interface with a Localstake advisor to supplement your work on the platform. We're available to provide feedback on offering structure, investor communication and closing. 24/7 email and phone support with a dedicated advisor for assistance and guidance to help you close investors.
Integrate and upload contacts
Add your existing networks to the Localstake investor management dashboard. Organize your offline conversations in one place to get a comprehensive, real-time view on interest and commitment momentum. Skip the endless meetings and provide your investor prospects with calls-to-action to convert them from initial interest to closed investment.
Measure investor demand
Aggregate dollar commitments based on investor-validated terms so you can define the level of interest that exists and the probability of successfully closing funds. Pinpoint and organize committed interest across a broad set of investors.
Optimize investment terms through investor feedback
Distribute proposed terms across targeted investor segments for commitments or proposed counter terms. This creates market-based insights into how your proposed offering should be structured and priced so you can successfully raise funds with the optimal investment structure.
Communicate and track engagement with your target investor audience
The Localstake investor management dashboard provides analytics on investor activity, and real time status on investor interest and commitments. See background information on investors and control who has access to the details on your profile.
Fundraise Execution and Marketing Services
Raise funds from accredited and non-accredited investors
Raise funds from anyone regardless of their financial background. Localstake's compliance tools ensure you're raising funds the right way and following important requirements when involving non-accredited investors. Non-accredited investors can invest in your business and since they make up nearly 98% of the population they represent an important investor audience. Access them in a compliant manner on the Localstake platform.
Raise an unlimited amount
You will use securities laws that allow you to raise a maximum of $5 million. If you are looking to raise more than this amount, you will be limited to only allowing accredited investors to invest.
You will be limited to raising a maximum of $5 million. Change
Raising an unlimited amount will mean only allowing accredited investors to invest in your offering.
Investor verification
It is important for you to know who is investing in your company. We will verify the identity of all of your investors before they invest.
Collect electronic signatures
Investors will use our DocuSign integration to sign their investment documents and send them to you to approve and countersign. Then we'll store the executed documents for both your and the investor's records. These documents are their evidence of investment. We do not issue stock certificates, unless required by law.
Money transfer
We will manage the transfer of investor funds to your bank account once you reach your funding goal. Investors may send funds via check, wire, or electronic ACH.
Single investor option
Utilize the single investor option to organize and streamline smaller-dollar investors in your fundraise through a single investor entity managed by an affiliate of Localstake. This is not a standard service, but may be available. If you are interested, get in touch with us.
Managed regulatory filings and compliance
We will manage all of your federal and blue sky law filing requirements, Painless legal and regulatory compliance. We'll set up your SEC EDGAR account, file Form D with SEC, and make any blue sky filings with states on your behalf. We will also do free tax credit administration, if required.
Broadcast your fundraise to your social media connections
Based on your preferences this feature will not be available to you as the laws you will use to fundraise don’t permit you to publicly solicit investors.
You cannot broadcast your fundraise using social media. Change
Turning on the ability to broadcast your fundraise publicly via social media and other forms of general advertising (while still allowing anyone to invest) will have the following ramifications on your fundraising plan:
  • You cannot collect investor interest and receive feedback on proposed terms ahead of fundraising.
  • You will be limited to raising funds from only investors that live in your state of registration.
  • You will need to meet certain additional requirements, centered around the fact that the majority of your business needs to be done in your state of registration.
  • Investors wanting to invest over a certain minimum investment (usually $5-10k) will be required to provide documentary evidence of their net worth and income.
You will work with Localstake to set your terms and meet specific filing requirements before fundraising.
Email campaigns to Localstake investor community
Localstake's community of investors receives regular email updates about activity on the platform. Get your profile in front of this captive audience by showing momentum on investor activity and providing progress updates on your business.
Custom links and access to your investor pitch
Direct investors to your profile using customized links and invitations. Control what business information you would like to be private and which investors have access to your materials.

Phase 4: Post-Fundraise

Phase 4 Pricing

$49 / month + 1% of funds distributed

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Once you've fundraised, use Localstake to distribute funds to investors (as applicable) and communicate with your investors.


Dedicated customer support and advisory via e-mail
24/7 email support with a dedicated advisor, providing assistance and guidance on fundraising for the entire time you use the Localstake platform.
Provide investor updates
Use our investor updates tools to stay connected with your investor base. Keeping investors updated will give you a higher likelihood of being able to raise funds in the future and keep your investors informed on how they can help your business grow.
Make payments to investors
We can manage and facilitate any necessary payments back to your investors through our payment processing platform.
Investor management
If your investors are pooled into an entity that we manage, we will handle tax document administration and other necessary procedures for you.
Continue to connect with new and existing investors
Keep an active profile in the Localstake Marketplace to keep both your existing and new investors engaged. This will help in the future should you choose to raise additional funds.

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